Scroll of dead


Scroll of Dead is a relatively simple video slot game with five reels, six rows, and 10 variable pay lines as standard. During the regular spins, the spinning pattern changes to a 4 6 3 line with the same number of lines. Wins are awarded for a minimum of two to five matching symbols on either a horizontal line in front of the reels or in reverse color order from left to right across the two reels. The bonus reel is not used in this version of the game. A maximum of one bonus symbol can be used on any of the five vertical reels for each game.

In comparison to other variations of the Video slot game, Scroll of Dead uses a random number generator that determines the outcome of the bets. Any time that a player places a bet and the random number generator indicates that a certain number of symbols will fall on specific reels; that bet is considered a win. Each symbol that leaves the scatter symbol column and makes it to the winning frame can be associated with a different number in the list that represents that winnings. This makes the game slightly more challenging and can increase the fun and the profitability of playing it.

The best way to play Scroll of Dead, as in any dead slot game, is to carefully study the game’s tendencies and take note of when certain symbols or numbers in the scatter columns are found. Then carefully plan your strategy for when these symbols are more likely to appear. Being able to determine what is most likely to appear can greatly increase your success rate when playing this version of a dead slot machine. Try analyzing the game’s trends before starting to play to improve your odds of winning.

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