Prism of gems


Prism Of Gems is a browser-based, Facebook-compatible gambling game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Popcap Games. Play'n Go continues their longstanding obsession with sparkly objects in Prism of Gems, the second in their wildly popular highly addictive gem collection. Like many other browsers-based gems games, Prism Of Gems uses splitting symbols for reels to expand counters and draw lines, while powering ups are done via gems collected through play. The aim of the game is, of course, to get all of the pieces on the board, and, although the aim of the player isn't to get all of the pieces in any particular order, gems will naturally accumulate in useful quantities as the game progresses. Once all the gems are used up, the game ends and the player loses.

Although it seems that there are just too many elements to cover in a review, we will attempt to provide a quick overview of the game mechanics and one of the more intriguing elements of the game, the gem collection and gem grinding mechanic. The gem system of Prism Of Gems follows a very simple and easy to understand system of earning and losing gems that draws on a point system based on your performance throughout the course of the game. Every time you earn a gem, you are awarded a single point. As you continue playing the game, more gems are added to your pool until you reach a maximum of 12 available points. Here, a multiplier reel system allows you to earn additional points for each completed ruby or sapphire, thus increasing your gem count.

Playing the gem slot games is similar to slot machine games played in traditional brick and mortar casinos. There are a variety of slot machines that can be re-ordered to randomly generate outcomes based on how much you bet. Because these are all “virtual” slots, you never know what the outcome will be and therefore you can easily get into a winning streak by betting smaller amounts than you might on a live casino slot machine. The twist is that the re-ordered outcomes are not random but actually generated by a sophisticated software program that uses your current hand information, associated spin speeds, and other factors to determine what you are betting. When you place your bet and spin the wheel, your computer spins the wheel based on the information you provided and then lets you know whether your chosen outcome is correct. Playing the gems in this slot machine game feels and works just like playing them in a live casino.

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